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Extraordinary Living – On Your Terms

Masterminds are small facilitated groups that meet regularly to help maintain focus and accountability on the priority you identify.

The groups can be focused on personal or business priorities. Your mastermind group meets twice a month. In each session you will get 15-minutes focused specifically on you.


  • 1-hour drop-in office hour every month.


Mastermind Magic


Each Month You Will Receive:

  • LIVE Bi-Weekly Sessions –  to maintain momentum, accountability and perspective. With a maximum of 6 people, an amazing dynamic is created while you listen, learn and share. Peer coaching is encouraged.
  • Individual Hot Seat Focus –  All eyes are on you for 15 minutes each session with Karyn and your peers giving you the support you need to move courageously forward on your goals.
  • Drop-in Office Hours –  Each month I’ll hold live 1 drop-in office hour session via Zoom the week between your mastermind sessions.
  • Early Access and Special Discounts – be the first to know about new programs and offerings with a special discount!

I’ll Be Your Guide!

For the past 15 years I have been building and refining this work. It’s a proprietary process that invites your spirit into full expression in your business. I’ve shared these principles with audiences around the globe. But, the Mastermind Magic pulls specific elements together with you in mind. It’s for energetic, accomplished women who are ready to use the gifts they already posses to create an EXTRAORDINARY business – on their terms.

I hope you join us!

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