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Business Design Lab for Women

If you’ve spent years helping others build their empires but, feel a call in your heart to create one of your own…


  • It’s not TOO late!
  • You’re not TOO old!
  • What you already know IS enough to get started!

Your Extraordinary Business Is Waiting!

Business Design Lab

I’ll share how I successfully designed the business of my dreams while working from anywhere even though:

  • I’m over 50
  • The market is saturated and
  • I didn’t have industry experience

This webinar is perfect for the:

Empty Nester: the kids are gone but your talents, skills and caring are not, now what?

Underwhelmed with work: the job went away (or needs to), something new is calling but you’re not sure what?

Suddenly Single: the partner is gone, and you, the vibrant, brilliant queen are ready to experience life anew, but how?

Accomplished-but-Empty: you’re killing it at work, but not feeling much satisfaction, where are you being called?

Legacy Builder: you are called to leave an impact and you’re trying to follow the wisdom of your soul, but how?

Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • The #1 avoidable design mistake new entrepreneurs make
  • How AGE is your ally
  • How you have everything you need to begin, regardless of experience
  • The unexpected place you can find your extraordinary business design blueprint

 You Will Receive: 

6 – Weekly Lessons

Modules designed to gently guide the process of your extraordinary business design.

A 30-minute Private Session

Perfect for questions, coaching and focused attention from Karyn

6 – Weekly Mastermind Sessions

Week 1: Reveal your personal LEGACY
Week 2: Discover your Soul Code
Week 3: Leverage your Radical Intersection
Week 4: Define your unique Product/Service, Price, Positioning
Week 5: Design an unforgettable Consumer Experience
Week 6: Complete your 5-point Business Design Lab blueprint

I’ll Be Your Guide!

For the past 15 years I have been building and refining this work. It’s a proprietary process that invites your spirit into full expression in your business. I’ve shared these principles with audiences around the globe. But, the Business Design Lab pulls specific elements together with you in mind. It’s for energetic, accomplished women who are ready to use the gifts they already posses to create an EXTRAORDINARY business – on their terms.

I hope you join us!

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