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Speaking Topics

No fluff, just heart and truth.

These talks move the audience forward. They are for people looking to understand what gets in the way of experiencing life the way they would prefer. Always experiential, these talks can be customized for 45 minute keynotes to full day workshops.



Find your blind spots

At work or at home, there are things you deeply desire. At times we make progress and then it feels like we take two steps back. There are common things that are disrupting your progress. In this workshop we’ll:

  • Discover how to restore your personal power to achieve your greatest desire right now.
  • Learn the only things that truly stand in your way, at any time.
  • Leave with an action plan.


Take your place at the table

Permission Granted. There, it’s done. Now you can do what you want, be honored and fairly recognized for your contribution. Do you wish it was that easy? [His]tory has shown us that it’s not. So, what are you going to do about it? In this talk we will:

  • Reveal the Soul Code mission you were given at birth.
  • Uncover your perceived limits to power and how to restore it.
  • Learn how your Soul Code can move you beyond those limits to take a place at your desired table.
Extraordinary Soul Code Business Design


Soul Code Business Design

You carry within you a unique code to creating a business that fits you like a glove. Discover the code you’ve been carrying since birth and how it can help create leverage, profitability and greater quality of life for you at home and in your business. Based on her latest book EXTRAORDINARY – On Your Terms.

  • Discover the biggest challenge most businesses face, but don’t realize
  • Decide whether your perception is helping or hindering
  • Learn the critical error in most business design
  • Discover how your Soul Code can help you move beyond the things that have been limiting you.


masterful. wise. effective. unique.