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Who Am I Now?
Who Am I Choosing to Be?

Who Am I Now?

You may not be asking yourself this question exactly. But, if you’re at your Second Wind (aka mid-stage life) this life stage has probably led you to feel angst, frustration, doubt, irritation, anger, grief, worry or regret from one or all of the following:
* An emptying nest
* Being suddenly single (by death, divorce or habitual indifference)
* Readying for retirement or being downsized
* A lost sense of relevance
* A physical body that does not want to comply
* Insecurity about your financial security

All of the emotions that these circumstances activate, point to the same question

The more empowering question is

Our Second Wind requires a reframe of how we want to see ourselves and be in our lives at this mid-stage (and beyond). The reframe takes the idea of managing an inevitable decline and throws it out the window. Instead it asks, right now, what am I choosing for myself, from where I am? Where am I choosing to invest?

Investment is both thoughts and behaviors. How you think about and hold yourself shows others how to think about you and hold you. So, if you claim “being old,” they will too. If you decide that you “can’t____” (fill in the blank), they will believe you.

You decide how you want to move in the world.
No one can stop your beliefs.

It can be hard to see this perspective and do the work alone.
This is soul work.
So don’t do it alone.

If you’re interested in leaning into your Second Wind and reframing what’s possible, click this link and we’ll put you on a notification list. This month can be the start of something amazing.

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