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Private 1-on-1 Program Offerings

Karyn offers countless private programs focused on personal and/or business priorities. She helps people experience greater quality of life and greater results in their work or business, using guidance from their spirit and the strengths and talents they already possess.
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masterful. wise. effective. unique.

business building

This course is a rigorous undertaking that will leave you with greater clarity about:

  • What is special in how or what you do.
  • Your ideal customer (it may not be who you think it is).
  • Specific language to express your positioning and attract that customer.

Business Design Lab

Your Extraordinary Business Is Waiting!

In this 6-Session program we will articulate the business blue print in your DNA. You will be led through a series of exercises to reveal the attributes unique to your full expression so that you may connect with the customers who are looking for you. This is a more personal session based on articulating your superpowers.

Based on your soul’s code, you will leave the session with your:

  • Your personal LEGACY
  • Discover your Soul Code
  • Leverage your Radical Intersection
  • Define your unique Product/Service, Price, Positioning
  • Design an unforgettable Consumer Experience
  • Complete your 5-point Business Design Lab blueprint

Leverage your talents – your combination is unique. Build a business doing work that you love. Successfully communicate what you do, so that your ideal clients resonate with your messaging and connect with you so that you can charge what your work is worth.

Spotlight …

Get Beyond the Blind Spot

Stalling out is generally caused by one of two factors; overwhelm or ambiguity. A 2-hour laser session can help break the inertia and give you the traction you need to move forward. This is an ideal format for a pointed question or focused insight.

The 2-Hour Laser Session is a great way to get it. I use all of my tools; intuition, strategy, marketing, and any relevant elements from my signature systems to bring you the support you need.

personal & professional expression

Everyone has a unique code – I call it your soul code; motivations, skills, gifts, inspirations.

Discover Your Soul Code

4 hours
  • Discover or confirm the motivations that lead to your full expression.
  • Clarity on how you can support your strengths in your work and life.
  • Clarity on what you may need to let go of, in order to move with greater ease into the things you desire.

success stories

get inspired. be uplifted.