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Your vision is cast, absent of other’s expectations, now lean in to embodying the person who will live out that vision in joy. Human Design is introduced as a tool. In this 6-month you’ll begin to decondition what no longer serves you and connect deeply with your Soul Code, living out your unique opportunity on the planet. What do you want? Who do you choose to be? Let’s find out and put it in motion. The most powerful time of your life is ahead of you.

Karyn, your content, as well as your personal style really worked for me. I never felt like you were directing or pushing us, rather you were facilitating the process in a creative direction. It also impressed me when, instead of you writing what I envisioned, you handed me the pen. That’s a hard thing to do. Some see it as giving up control, but it was very empowering and very respectful of the process and to me, it shows that you are not there to give answers – you are there to show us we have the power and ability to find them ourselves.

Lise Marinelli


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