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Karyn, your content, as well as your personal style really worked for me. I never felt like you were directing or pushing us, rather you were facilitating the process in a creative direction. It also impressed me when, instead of you writing what I envisioned, you handed me the pen. That’s a hard thing to do. Some see it as giving up control, but it was very empowering and very respectful of the process and to me, it shows that you are not there to give answers – you are there to show us we have the power and ability to find them ourselves.

Lise Marinelli


Karyn takes the time to get to know you, your personal life, personal style, lifestyle and how that affects your business…

Sean & Maria Armstead
Owners, Phenomenal Fitness

Julie Murphy Casserly

Owner of JMC Wealth Management

Many small business owners strive to implement their vision. In today’s world, everything moves at such a fast pace. We become not only derailed from our personal and business mission and vision, but also our mission and vision becomes clouded. This is where Karyn Pettigrew comes to the rescue.

Since working with Karyn, I have increased my revenues from my firm by 30%. My work with her is far from done. I’ve always had this “itch” that I wasn’t fulfilling my life’s purpose. Karyn allows you to be EXACTLY who you are, as opposed to coaching you to fit into a certain box in your industry.

I met with Karyn in a group format with four other business owners and individually on a regular basis. Karyn has assisted me in truly zoning in on my intuition, mission, and vision, and the most important part, actualizing it all! She helps me to get out of my own way.

As mentioned, our world has so many options and they are all coming at us at a very fast pace. This is what makes Karyn very different than many business consultants I’ve used over the years. She’s taught me that running a business is a personal experience.

She offers not only marketing advice, but mental clarity. I’ve released all of the items in my life, physical and non-physical, that don’t serve my personal and business mission. Think of those things as a tangled web. We untangle the web one knot at a time and uncover a very direct vision of my desires. It’s exhilarating!

I feel like we’ve only scratched the surface. As one of Karyn’s sayings goes, “Thank you, more please!”

The longest journey we take in life is from our head to our heart, and Karyn is an amazing midwife of this journey. Our power and destiny emerge and our life truly begins when we claim what we love, name our dreams and our purpose, claim our strengths, and acknowledge where we need support without apology. I have worked with Beyond Blind Spots for 8 years, and I can’t imagine my life without Karyn continuing to call me to who I am becoming—most importantly on the days I have lost sight of the extraordinary life that is possible. Discovering my own Soul’s Code was the beginning of watching my work and my self align in ways that I never thought were possible. It has also brought more clarity to how to build the collaborative culture that is the core of Just In Time Direction. My story is still unfolding and the momentum has been dizzying at times. I know that Karyn will be an important touchstone as my true path continues to light up before me.

Elizabeth Londo


Karyn brings to her work a unique combination of instinct, knowledge and analytical rigor. Her work is immediately helpful while building toward long term health. She’s great.

Jim Lasko

Karyn is one of the smartest business minds we know, and her real world executive experience and Harvard training make her one of the best business coaches an entrepreneur could ever have. What makes her especially effective is her ability to understand business in the context of real life emotions, fears and mental barriers we all go through while creating ideas with uncertain outcomes. For years she has shown us new ways to navigate our biggest challenges so that we can continue to build, innovate and grow our business to compete at the highest levels. There are very few executive coaches that can do that and we appreciate Karyn for being a part of our team.

Jason & Ebele

Founders at fNograph

Karyn provides an insightful and interesting perspective that helps one sift through the clutter to get to the root of a matter. Buoyed with this intuition I’m finding my voice and getting my power back – and it feels really good!

Karen Phelps
Founder, Landmark Innovations

Karyn helped me see my own strength and abilities that were hidden within me. As a result of my work with Karyn, I was courageous enough to make several major life changes, which put me on a road to happiness. Of course there are bumps along the road, but the best part about that is I still have my monthly 1:1 sessions with Karyn to help keep me going in the right direction. I am truly grateful for the support and inspiration that Karyn brings to my life!!

Linda (Antkowiak) Kooper

Vice President of Client Services

After leaving the workshop, I knew that I had the confidence within me and the support around me that I need to make my dream and purpose a reality. The time the group spent turning inward as well as assessing our desires and ideals we hold dear allowed me to walk away with a toolkit that will help me pave the way towards my idea of happiness and success. Karyn effortlessly guides, supports, and motivates you to see the power that you have already and aids you in understanding how to utilize it to gain what it is you’re seeking. Absolutely fantastic and so much more than I could have imagined!

Cameron Pilcher


Karyn, thank you for a wonderful presentation to the Breakfast Club. I have not ever seen the group more engaged, more thoughtful or more eager to learn. Your style, openness and good humor created a wonderful setting for exchange. Masterful!!

Harvard Business School Club

North Shore

More Praise…

Barbara Brigance

President, ATT Community NETwork

What I love most about working with Karyn, is that I couldn’t wait to have our weekly meeting…

Sean & Maria Armstead
Owners, Phenomenal Fitness

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