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Meet Zoe

Zoe April 26

Meet Zoe, my alter ego. She showed up about 5 years ago as I began to lean into my Second Wind (the up-leveling experience mid-stage life offers). Her voice is the one I heard telling me there were so many more life experiences for me. She’s the force that pushed me out of my perceived limitations and led me to solo travel and to launch ZoeGoes.

You too have an inner voice that wants the most for you – the greatest quality of life and experiences. That voice that longs to be free in the world without prejudice or limitation but you have to DECIDE to set her free.

You must be willing to trust yourself and peel back other’s expectations. If you are feeling antsy, or anxious or irritated and you’re not clear why – it’s possible your inner voice is trying to get your attention because it’s time for a change. The great news is that you don’t have to explore what this voice is trying to tell you alone. I’ll be your guide. I love this work.

I’m going to be running another session of “Who Am I Now?” In May. It’s a 6-week program (virtual sessions) to listen and explore what this inner voice has to say without fear, shame or judgement – and then to call in the most fulfilling vision of your Second Wind. If this sounds interesting or animates you, put “Yes” or your favorite emoji in the comments below. (It’s just a few keystrokes to begin seeing yourself and the possibilities more clearly.)

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