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What a thrill! My TEDxWilmette

What a thrill! My TEDxWilmette talk is in post production. Six months from selection to presentation and what a wild ride.

Synchronicities are always so fascinating to me. My best friend happened to be talking to one of the people who recruits for the Wilmette team and recommended me. I applied and was selected. What I didn’t know was how fabulous the TEDxWilmette team is (all volunteers by the way) and how the process and ultimately the talk would refine my focus

First, the team. I’m sending big love out to the development team, production team and volunteers who make the experience for presenters and guests so amazing. It is not by accident or luck – this group is on it!

Shortly after we started I knew that this team was special. They were kind, encouraging and clearly organized. Their development process is nurturing and steady – you WILL get to the other side with something dynamic. I’m grateful for all of it – refinements, development schedule and support, especially from my coach Ami Campbell (who I am determined to get to edit the book that is coming out of this process!).

Thanks to my friends and clients who were able to came out to the event. Your love warms my heart.

And Brava to my co-presenters whose amazing ideas are definitely worth sharing! Looking forward to our continued connection.

By the way, if you weren’t able to make this presentation, salons are coming beginning in the fall. Each presenter will have a night where their video is shared and then they’re interviewed (fireside chat style).

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