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Grandparent Yourself

Grandparent yourself

That picture is of me and my Nana.
She was my love.
My refuge.
My deep listener.

Grandparents are in the enviable position of knowing what they know from their lived experience and as a result, they get to be better versions of themselves with their grandchildren.

The idea of grand parenting yourself is the same, especially as it relates to my concept of a second wind (the quality of life elevation that can happen beginning at mid-stage life). We can focus our lived experience to be better versions of ourselves going forward.

We can be kinder, more energetically generous and empathetic. More relaxed and knowing.

By our Second Wind, we understand the value of time, relationships, choice, dreams and regret.

But, I’ve also discovered that grand-parenting ourselves well, and completely, requires de-conditioning of perceived limitations and judgements – which is best done in a supportive community with loving guidance.

Getting around the shadows, doubts, and questioning within ourselves (from ourselves and the ones who love us) requires truth, acceptance and courage.

Saying “yes” to our dreams is more than a catch phrase, sexy phrase or trend-du-jour. I’m talking about soul work. I’m talking about saying yes to that deep calling waiting to be free in the world.

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