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Whether you are an entrepreneur or a not yet entrepreneur, you should know that your business is a physical expression of you. Even if you have no aspiration to start a business, your soul code is at play at work. This exercise is based on Sacred Geometry an ancient concept applied not only to the design and construction of religious structures such as churches, temples, and mosques, but also to the study of nature and the mathematical principles at work within. There are many layers to understanding how sacred geometry can be applied to understand your mission in your work. This exercise is one of the first steps we use at Beyond Blind Spots, to help empower you in your work or business. There are subsequent exercises, that illustrate how your birth name is a mathematical sequence that houses additional information about your personal mission, personality, motivations and challenges.

We will begin with your birthdate and then share the archetype or energetic model, that aligns with that number from 1-9. Numbers are not just for mathematics, they each have a specific vibration, an energy.

Each time you celebrate a birthday, you are reminded, on an energetic level, of the opportunity to express yourself and your mission. Think about how these attributes have appeared in your life in the past and how you can use them in your life now.

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