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Feeling Like You Can’t Catch A Break?

This is a real mindset challenge; as most things are.

When we feel like we can’t catch a break, we’re usually right. In fact, by believing that, you make it a “done deal.”

Here’s the metaphysical aspect of this, whatever it is you believe, you are likely to see unfold in your life. The old adage says, “Seeing is believing.” I like to flip that around to say:

“Believing is seeing.  “What you believe will direct what you see.

Think about it, when you are feeling low, overwhelmed, or in crisis, what do you usually see? More things that seem to be going wrong. And when you are feeling on top of the world, you notice more glorious things. The key here is not to get stuck in a low vibration and to have a mechanism to shift you up to a higher, more productive vibration.

Here are a few tools that I share with my clients for moving out of a stuck place:

1) Get moving, literally.  

Engaging the physical body also helps shift emotions and intellectual stagnation.  So, take a quick walk, or go exercise, or if you can’t leave the office, turn on some music that makes you dance and dance behind closed doors for 10 minutes.  It will really help.

2) Find a reason to laugh.

Buy a season of your favorite sit-com and keep it handy. Watch a half-hour and shift the mood. Laughter is on the same vibration as prayer. Go for the belly laugh and get out of the funk.


Ok, you may not think you have a great singing voice but it doesn’t matter. When we sing (especially songs with a good message) our hearts open. So sing a song that lets you surrender the negative feelings or sing a song that makes you smile. In either case, you’ll feel differently afterward.

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