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Is Your Passion Working For Or Against You?

When you heard the word “passion,” did you think of the things you love, enjoy, wish you could do more of? Have more of?  Did you think of the passion that motivates, enlivens, draws other people in? Yup, that’s where most people go. But, here’s a thought, passion has two sides, and it’s working even when you’re unaware.  It never goes away, but it can go sour.

As humans, we’re full of passion, all the time. Like a flame, it has the power to create or destroy. The question is, what’s it doing for you?

Have you engaged your passion in complaining, blaming or #$%ching at work? Or are you directing it to support your mission and to find the bright spots wherever you can?

Don’t waste a drop of the valuable passion juice. If you think you don’t have any, you’re wrong, you’ve probably just been throwing flames in the wrong direction.

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