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The first picture is me sitting on the grand canal in Venice last summer. I had just gotten the first samples of my ZoeGoes sustainable capsule collection and I was testing them out all summer.
The second picture is where I am today, brand launched and taking orders (ironically, we launched the same week as the shelter-in-home order) but still, maneuvering well and excited about the orders already in and the ones to come.
If you want to talk about how I did it; how I went from passion (travel, design, beauty, empowerment, fashion), to product @ZoeGoesOfficial, to profits and how you can bring your product or service idea to life grab a Jump Start Chat with me.
I’ll be announcing a free “Ok, so I think I’m ready.” also known as, “Enough messin’ around already, let’s go!” clinic shortly. We’re going to evaluate the business set up that would work best for you and then what your idea might look like in that context. This is all so that you start off in a place of empowerment and alignment. If you already have a business and feel like it needs a makeover, you’re definitely welcome too!
Let’s imagine your possibilities together. 

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