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Why You Have To Name Your Expertise

Then lead with it!

People love experts.

They love experts who specialize in what they need when they need it. Everyone, yes everyone, has expertise. It may not be credentialed or certified but it’s something you do with precision and success over and over again. Want to know how to name yours?

1)  Think about what you do in your workday, especially those repetitive tasks. Which are you really good at? Which do you also enjoy? Those tasks/actions that you are really good at AND enjoy point you to the name of your expertise.

2)  Refine that expertise. Clean up the language and think about how you can leverage it in your sales communication.

It’s not enough to just be really good at something because without the enjoyment your sales process becomes ten times harder. Have you ever tried to sell something that you were lukewarm about? Have you ever had to listen to someone try to sell something that they felt lukewarm about. PAINFUL.

Do yourself and your potential clients a favor, name your expertise. Then lead with it.

If you want to learn how to refine your expertise and turn it into a value proposition or use it to create a conversation-starting introduction, sign up for free jump start chat.

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