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Invite your Quirky Bits to work

The things that make you uniquely you, should not have to be checked at the door when you’re on your way into the office. In fact, I propose that those quirky bits combined with your core values, joie de vivre and expertise, can create a powerful brand personality; if you let it.

More and more today, consumers are making their purchasing decisions based on quirky things (AKA not price). Are they sustainable? Do they give back to the community? I love their packaging….

So let your personality fly. The days of purely transactional purchases are over. Consumers have so many choices that they can afford to choose based on a quirky feature. So give them one. Decide what you want your “special thing” to be; that thing that you do with gusto, excellence and flavor.  Is it answering the phone on the first ring? Is it delivering your product with half a dozen oatmeal raisin cookies as a thank you?

When you allow what’s unique and joyful about who you are to be present in your business, the energy of the business changes and your customers will feel it. Respond to it. Want to be around it more. You don’t have to believe me, just try it for a month. Then let me know how it went.

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