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“Ugh, I don’t know what to do!” How many times have you said that? The insight you need is waiting for you, but you must learn to listen for it. Sometimes it helps to distract the intellect, which simply wants to “do what it knows.” I do this by doing something physical – walking, dancing, exercising, cleaning the house. These activities occupy the mind and create the space for inspiration to come in.

In this picture, I was a little lost in Estonia – trying to find my group meeting. This was the exterior of a dicey, dilapidated housing complex. I stopped, took several deep breaths and when I opened my eyes, I saw a friend and we found the meeting together. Ahhhh..


  • Thank you Karyn! This is a great idea. Seems like great ideas come when I am supposed to be meditating not thonkstating. So doing something mindless allows for the answers to come in;right? Susan

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