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Our Greatest Challenge is Not Fear…

You gotta love the Universe to bring things home…Shortly after I wrote notes for this post, Elie Wiesel’s quote “the opposite of love is not hatred, but indifference” popped up in a blog I was reading. I was floored. His reflection is brilliant. Of course! The greatest absence of life and love is the grey world of indifference – a lack of caring or emotion in either direction.

Fear will generally get you into action – forward motion of some sort. Indifference is akin to complacency – where you just don’t care enough to do something or change something. We can unwittingly find ourselves in that place when we ignore our urgings, our callings, our ah-ha’s…

This is a dangerous place because when we finally look up, it seems like time has evaporated and we wonder “how we got here so quickly?” And a longing, possibly regret, develops for something more then we reminesce about how it used to be – seeking good feels from our history.

What if the best times of your life were ahead of you? Are you willing to imagine that the rest of your life could not only be good enough, but great?

What if your Second Wind brought a life renaissance to you? What if your next stage was extraordinary?

Leaning into an extraordinary Second Wind starts by clearing confusion, doubt and programming that is not part of your original source code (aka Soul Code). In June I’ll be running a program where I share more techniques for clearing confusion and doubt so you can embrace If you’re interested in leaning into your Second Wind and reframing what’s possible, click this link and we’ll put you on a notification list!

Clearing Confusion

Feeling unhappy and suffering because we don’t feel like we can
achieve something we want…
can be changed.

This is internal suffering is tied to beliefs about ourselves.
Where did those beliefs come from?
Are they truly ours? Or are they adopted from childhood, society, family, friends?
Yep, all of the above.
Do you want to keep them?

You don’t have to.
You can discover what’s true for you.
You can decide against suffering and
call in your Second Wind.

Second Wind is a life renaissance where you clear the confusion and doubt so that you can lean in to what YOU want to experience in this powerful stage of your life.

In June I’ll be running a program where I share more techniques for clearing confusion and doubt surrounding #SecondWindLiving. Follow this link and and we’ll put you on the notification list and send you a FREE gift!

What if Prince was your guardian angel?

What if Prince was your guardian angel?

At the root of what you do or don’t have is a complex set of beliefs that will often put you at what I call “cross-energies”. That’s where you’re putting out both energies that support your desire and energies that detract from your desire – often unconsciously.

Here are a few examples:
•           What you think is  possible vs what you think is possible for you…
•           What you want vs what you think you can have…
•           What you deserve vs what you think you deserve…

Ooof…so messy and exhausting

Well, one of the ways that I align my energies is by taking a step back to sit with my wisdom council and reflect on the right mindset and actions.

On my wisdom council are amazing folks like Romare Bearden, Mozart, George Washington Carver, Tracee Ellis Ross, Kuan Yin, Maya Angelou, Jesus and Prince.

I use this technique to get out of my head and into my heart. Instead of me trying to “figure it out,” I ask my council.

Many of you may be familiar with the WWJD – “what would Jesus do?” exercise. It’s used to help guide people to compassionate action. I’ve simply expanded that concept to include others who inspire me. So I might ask, what would Prince say? In every occasion he invites me to “sing it with him…”.

“Baby I’m a star, you might not know it now, but baby yes I are…”

Feeling alone…
“Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here to get through this thing called life!” (Let’s go crazy)

Time to take a leap…
“Why should you wait any longer? Take a chance. It can only make you stronger. It’s your time” (Cream)

This is a powerful exercise. So much so that I developed an entire course around it – elements of which I use in my “Who Am I Now?” program beginning June 1st.

If you’re interested in learning more techniques like this and reframing what’s possible follow this link and we’ll put you on the notification list and send you a FREE gift!

Who Am I Now?
Who Am I Choosing to Be?

You may not be asking yourself this question exactly. But, if you’re at your Second Wind (aka mid-stage life) this life stage has probably led you to feel angst, frustration, doubt, irritation, anger, grief, worry or regret from one or all of the following:
* An emptying nest
* Being suddenly single (by death, divorce or habitual indifference)
* Readying for retirement or being downsized
* A lost sense of relevance
* A physical body that does not want to comply
* Insecurity about your financial security

All of the emotions that these circumstances activate, point to the same question

The more empowering question is

Our Second Wind requires a reframe of how we want to see ourselves and be in our lives at this mid-stage (and beyond). The reframe takes the idea of managing an inevitable decline and throws it out the window. Instead it asks, right now, what am I choosing for myself, from where I am? Where am I choosing to invest?

Investment is both thoughts and behaviors. How you think about and hold yourself shows others how to think about you and hold you. So, if you claim “being old,” they will too. If you decide that you “can’t____” (fill in the blank), they will believe you.

You decide how you want to move in the world.
No one can stop your beliefs.

It can be hard to see this perspective and do the work alone.
This is soul work.
So don’t do it alone.

If you’re interested in leaning into your Second Wind and reframing what’s possible, click this link and we’ll put you on a notification list. This month can be the start of something amazing.

Meet Zoe

Meet Zoe, my alter ego. She showed up about 5 years ago as I began to lean into my Second Wind (the up-leveling experience mid-stage life offers). Her voice is the one I heard telling me there were so many more life experiences for me. She’s the force that pushed me out of my perceived limitations and led me to solo travel and to launch ZoeGoes.

You too have an inner voice that wants the most for you – the greatest quality of life and experiences. That voice that longs to be free in the world without prejudice or limitation but you have to DECIDE to set her free.

You must be willing to trust yourself and peel back other’s expectations. If you are feeling antsy, or anxious or irritated and you’re not clear why – it’s possible your inner voice is trying to get your attention because it’s time for a change. The great news is that you don’t have to explore what this voice is trying to tell you alone. I’ll be your guide. I love this work.

I’m going to be running another session of “Who Am I Now?” In May. It’s a 6-week program (virtual sessions) to listen and explore what this inner voice has to say without fear, shame or judgement – and then to call in the most fulfilling vision of your Second Wind. If this sounds interesting or animates you, put “Yes” or your favorite emoji in the comments below. (It’s just a few keystrokes to begin seeing yourself and the possibilities more clearly.)

What a thrill! My TEDxWilmette

What a thrill! My TEDxWilmette talk is in post production. Six months from selection to presentation and what a wild ride.

Synchronicities are always so fascinating to me. My best friend happened to be talking to one of the people who recruits for the Wilmette team and recommended me. I applied and was selected. What I didn’t know was how fabulous the TEDxWilmette team is (all volunteers by the way) and how the process and ultimately the talk would refine my focus

First, the team. I’m sending big love out to the development team, production team and volunteers who make the experience for presenters and guests so amazing. It is not by accident or luck – this group is on it!

Shortly after we started I knew that this team was special. They were kind, encouraging and clearly organized. Their development process is nurturing and steady – you WILL get to the other side with something dynamic. I’m grateful for all of it – refinements, development schedule and support, especially from my coach Ami Campbell (who I am determined to get to edit the book that is coming out of this process!).

Thanks to my friends and clients who were able to came out to the event. Your love warms my heart.

And Brava to my co-presenters whose amazing ideas are definitely worth sharing! Looking forward to our continued connection.

By the way, if you weren’t able to make this presentation, salons are coming beginning in the fall. Each presenter will have a night where their video is shared and then they’re interviewed (fireside chat style).

Grandparent Yourself

That picture is of me and my Nana.
She was my love.
My refuge.
My deep listener.

Grandparents are in the enviable position of knowing what they know from their lived experience and as a result, they get to be better versions of themselves with their grandchildren.

The idea of grand parenting yourself is the same, especially as it relates to my concept of a second wind (the quality of life elevation that can happen beginning at mid-stage life). We can focus our lived experience to be better versions of ourselves going forward.

We can be kinder, more energetically generous and empathetic. More relaxed and knowing.

By our Second Wind, we understand the value of time, relationships, choice, dreams and regret.

But, I’ve also discovered that grand-parenting ourselves well, and completely, requires de-conditioning of perceived limitations and judgements – which is best done in a supportive community with loving guidance.

Getting around the shadows, doubts, and questioning within ourselves (from ourselves and the ones who love us) requires truth, acceptance and courage.

Saying “yes” to our dreams is more than a catch phrase, sexy phrase or trend-du-jour. I’m talking about soul work. I’m talking about saying yes to that deep calling waiting to be free in the world.